Meta Rail

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About Meta Rail

Hop on to the adventure led by the ox clan, in search of coveted collectibles. Unlock secrets hidden on these astounding paths through combats, upgrades, and strategies. Inside Meta Rail, you can explore or deliver these orders and earn reward points, but you are not alone here; there will be bad actors, beware of them. Stay. Travel. Collect. Trade & Earn. Welcome to Meta Rail

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Meta Rail

Since the beginning, the citizens of Meta Rail have been fascinated by trains as much as they worship them. Meta Rail contributes to over 90% of Metaworld’s railway logistics, earning wealth, pride, and prestige across verses. For the citizens here, train travel is free. Yes! You heard it right. Thanks to the kind Mayor, commuters here get rewarded for travelling or dropping the deliveries and contributing to the legacy of the city.

Mayor’s grandfather, fondly known as the Rail maker, was a philanthropist with an overwhelming love for science. He built this crazy town during the early days of Metaverse. He was in awful need of powerful hands but in a barren land, all he was accompanied by none but a few dumb Oxen. With his scientific excellence, he ran a few mutation experiments on oxen and made their consciousness as good as humans or may be superior to theirs. These oxen helped the Railmaker make his dream a reality.

Eventually, people from all around the metaverse came travelling, exploring, migrating, and started living here happily. When the time came, Railmaker had bigger fish to fry and left without a trace. Before disappearing, he gave all his authority to the ox clan, and asked them Never to disregard citizens, and their rights to happiness. But unfortunately, some clans agreed, and some did not…