Kip Ugly

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About Kip Ugly

Kip - A creature from where the Nile ends.

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Kip Ugly

Throughout history, man feared the murky waters of Scotland. To please the water gods, they sacrificed brethren, downed in the lake to float like a turd.

The Kelpie was no joke, a beast from Pwoseidon’s realm. It came in the night as a beautiful grey horse enticing man to climb on, much like your wh*re cousin after three shots of tequila and a glass of red wine.

Like all of your cousin’s victims, fools upon Kelpie’s back would find themselves in a wet mess — and die. 

Kip is a distant cousin of Kelpie. He inherited a mild shape-shifting ability: he can change colours of various body parts. (Each NFT captures Kip rocking his various colours — like da gang gang wit dem chains).

Unlike beautiful Kelpie from the murky Scottish lakes, Kip inherited his looks from his mother’s side. Like his mother, Kip is hideously deformed.

For Kip, childhood was akin to $ICP price action post-Genesis. He had no frens. Even kindergarteners made fun of Kip since ain’t nobody knew wtf he was.

Fish? Frog? Lizard? Dragon?

MF, he still wakes from nightmares, drenched in cold sweat.

Despite past challenges, Kip looks forward to a bright future, snuggled safely in your wallet.

For the price of 0 $ICP you can adopt a Kip! Please give our ugly fren a safe new home so he can grow in price like $ICP will.