3D Dream Whale

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About 3D Dream Whale

Dream Whale is building a multichain of Metaverse Ocean World.And the 3D Dream Whale NFT is the key to enter it.Staking IC Dream Whale and 3D Dream Whale will get the token(WhaleCoin)in the future.WhaleCoin will be used in the game.Different series of 3D Dream Whale could explore different land. We have Ocean Land,Sky Land,Space Land,Forest Land. Collect your whales and explore our world with your friends.The players of other chains could also go on an adventure with you.

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3D Dream Whale

One day, the whale made a dream and came to a world of freedom, peace, beauty, no killing, abundant food and a clean environment. The whale was immersed in sleep and did not want to wake up. The dream was beautiful, but the reality was cruel.

For the whale's dream, we are creating IC Dream Whale NFT on the Internet computer and will distribute it free of charge to people with a sense of justice and a love of peace.

Holders of IC Dream Whale NFT (who can get the WhaleDao token airdrop in the future) can participate in the voting of WhaleDao, they can decide together the community's plan to help whales get a good living environment and realize the dream of peace.

After the tokens are listed, we will donate 10% of the tokens to the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society to clean up ocean trash, stop whale hunting and protect the ecological environment.