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Drakon proudly presents the next series in its NFT line- "The" Eggs Collection. The team has drafted in Neel from ICPuzzle NFTs, one of the earliest collections on the IC. The move proved to be an inspired one, as there has been tremendous interest in the collection after previews of the eggs were shown and got the Drakons flying Hence the name "The" Eggs Collection what came first eggs or Drakon, The Collection focuses on the curation of abstract eggs representing the digital era. These according to our artist is to symbolise the simplicity of eggs and yet the complexity of our digital world. "THE" tells the story of are they really eggs as all art is based on the shape of Eggs as well at a later stage of evolving (dropping) the eggs into Baby Drakons. Get yourself one of these cracking eggs now, and be sure to hold at least 4 for an amazing 3D Baby Drakon. Later, there will be virtual 3D Holographic Playing cards that would be incorporated into a game, for the special community of Drakon, Eggs & Baby Drakons will be set to benefit as our Worlds described in the lore come into focus.




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