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IC Bucks is the new meme-based collectible for the WEB 3, the first to launch the exclusive Tip Service inside DSCVR to reward content creators and promote the organic growth of the Internet Computer. A collection of 8,888 IC BUCKS NFTs bills with hundreds of details and rarities created by EGIDO VAL, who joined with DKLORD89 and DSCVR, backed by the amazing OG MEDALS community! No matter the bill denomination, different traits can make your IC BUCKS extremely rare! Loyal IC Bucks holders will receive 2 exclusive art collections by Egido Val as an airdrop rewarding their loyalty. Grab yours or keep your wallet closed and your IC BUCKS a secret! It's up to you! This is the new opportunity to grow the OG Project as a whole and reach new people to our amazing social platform and experience the real WEB 3.




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