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Dwarf Elders of Eimolad


1003 Unique animated Elder Dwarfs have decided to take their part in the world of Eimolad. World of Eimolad is a P2E MMORPG game and dwarves are one of the core races of the game. The first accessible race of the World of Eimolad is ready to battle. They are going to be a huge decider in the upcoming wars that are going to happen. They are the guardians of Dfinity and Villages in Eimolad World. Get your dwarf and equip them with various items, so that you will be the winner at the end of the battles. Holders of Elder Dwarfs can mine the rich minerals of Eimolad and craft Weapons&Armor which is gonna be the huge deciding factor for Eimolad Dwarves, despite being short, are incredibly strong and also well-protected by armor, thanks to the superior gear they produce.




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