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Being a Mobster was everyone’s dream, but not in the 70s.. it was a nightmare. The RICO act greenlit the hunt of all mobsters out there. Even if you dodged prison were you really living? Life outside was just as dull. These wretched souls lost purpose in hiding. They lost the savage and became average. Their golden age glory was now a bedtime story they told their kids. They lacked leadership. One glorious day everything changed, and the Godmother took over. Out of the shadows emerged 10,000 Mobsters. LAVISH. BADASS. ICONIC.

Art of Mob is an evolved collection of 10,000 uniquely generated NFTs lurking on the Solana blockchain.

Art of Mob will build "The Moving Picture", an NFT marketplace for video-based content. Powered by RobocomVR and CNTRL Movie.




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